Bones Of The Redeemed – A Southwest Mystery

Set in 1950s New Mexico, where the toxic dust of nuclear testing blankets the land, archaeology graduate student Mackenzie Delgado still mourns the loss of her young son. To regain a sense of normalcy, Mackenzie is desperate to pursue her dream of becoming an Archaeologist. While on an Anasazi dig in Northern New Mexico, she crashes through a sink-hole and lands on a pile of decomposing bodies, some bearing the signs of crucifixion.

Determined to notify the local officials, Mackenzie is thwarted by Pete Marshall, a local man who has his own ideas about the deceased. He believes Dr. Bill Mendenhall, a government appointed medical examiner could behind the deaths, and the murder of his brother, with nuclear radiation experiments. Pete’s also convinced the murders have been covered up by the authorities. He just needs more time, and her silence, to prove his case.

With the exposure of the bodies Mackenzie is thrown head-long into the mysteries of The Redeemers, an ancient secret society of devoutly religious people whose Chosen Ones, the Cristos, are dying each year. Mackenzie makes it her personal quest to save the next anointed one, in the hopes it will redeem her for the loss of her beloved son.

Together, Mackenzie and Pete must infiltrate the sect to uncover the truth. They must expose deadly secrets of the community to save the life of the next Cristo –and, as they soon find out, their own.