The Pryce of Greed

The Pryce of Murder Book 3

A family tree full of money and lies. A clairvoyant actress trying to fit in. Can she keep her secrets without taking the final curtain?

1885. Arabella Pryce has opening-day nerves. Appointed to organize her new hometown’s much-anticipated Winter Festival, the wealthy widow ignores her ghostly companion’s discomfort when gatecrashers and flying drinks interrupt the pre-event welcome party. But when one of her VIP hotel guests plummets from a second-story room to his death, she’s horrified when he turns out to have been poisoned.

Hearing worrisome gossip about the victim’s powerful kin, Arabella struggles to stay out of the investigation for fear it will sour her blossoming friendship with the sheriff. But after she takes in the handsome lawman to help him recuperate from an accident, she’s delighted when he asks for her sharp-eyed assistance in hunting down the long list of possible suspects.

Can she use her paranormal powers to dig up the truth before the walls cave in on her future?

The Pryce of Greed is the dramatic third book in The Pryce of Murder historical cozy mystery series. If you like sleuths with the sight, page-turning whodunits, and stories that take you back in time, then you’ll love Kari Bovée’s cued-up clues.

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