The Pryce of Delusion

The Pryce of Murder Prequel

New York City, 1879. Arabella Pryce dreads the thought of failure. Fresh off an acclaimed performance at her namesake theater, the former child star longs to break free from her overbearing mother’s control. But her confidence plummets when she returns to her dressing room and finds her lucky ring has vanished.

 Horrified when she sees a ghost for the first time since childhood, Arabella fears that without her talisman she is permanently broken. And despite the kindly spirit’s offer of help, the panicking actress struggles with hauntingly bad shows, an endless list of suspects… and a murder attempt on her beloved spouse.

 Can she corner a cunning criminal before she’s forced to exit stage death?

The Pryce of Delusion is the suspenseful prequel to The Pryce of Murder historical cozy mystery series. If you like clever twists, fun settings, and page-turning whodunits, then you’ll love Kari Bovée’s play on the past.

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