The Pryce of Deceit

The Pryce of Murder Book 2

A resident ghost. A woeful wedding. Does this acclaimed actress have the chops to pull off a daring denouement?

1885. La Plata Springs, Colorado. Arabella Pryce is thrilled to be finding an unexpected friendship. Determined to make her haunted hotel a success in the rugged West despite her anxiety at being out of the public eye, the uprooted thespian insecurities fade when she and the town’s new leading lady form an instant bond. But her delight at her friend’s forthcoming marriage turns to horror when the vows end with the groom kicking the bucket.

Eager to provide comfort to her friend, Arabella dismisses the sheriff’s firm refusal of her help and focuses on investigating the crime. And as she uncovers mysterious calling cards, links to a murder across the country, and blind spots even her spectral vision can’t fix, she finds herself up against a ruthless killer.

Can the dedicated diva put the pieces together before she stars in a real-life death scene?

The Pryce of Deceit is the page-turning second book in The Pryce of Murder historical cozy mystery series. If you like snooty but charming heroines, loveable ghosts, and small-town dramas, then you’ll adore Kari Bovée’s curious cues.

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