Shoot Like a Girl

A Prequel Novella to Girl with a Gun

She would do anything for her loved ones, even if it meant she’d be lost to them forever.

Annie Oakley's spirit is unbreakable, her aim unerring. But when the sudden death of her father thrusts her into a world of deception and danger, even her formidable resilience is tested. Whisked away to work for a couple with dubious intentions, young Annie quickly discerns that she might be more prisoner than employee. With every new day, the shadow of peril grows darker, especially when that danger threatens her one true confidant: a majestic Buckskin horse.

But Annie is no damsel in distress. As threats mount and bonds are tested, she finds herself faced with an impossible decision — protect her family or save herself? The weight of her legacy and the fabric of her character are at stake.

In Shoot like a Girl, delve into the beginnings of an American icon. This riveting prequel to the Annie Oakley historical mystery series paints a tale of unwavering determination, fierce loyalty, and raw courage. Experience the origin story of the sharpshooting sensation that captured America's heart. Dive in, and let Kari Bovée transport you to a time where legends were born.

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