Peccadillo at the Palace

Annie Oakley Mystery Series- Book #2


In the thrilling world of sharpshooting, Annie Oakley remains unparalleled. But when royalty beckons, will her skills be enough to untangle a plot dripping with treachery?

When Queen Victoria extends an invitation for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show to grace her Golden Jubilee, it seems the stars have aligned for Annie. Yet, en route to England, a royal escort meets a deadly fate, hurling Annie into the whirlwind of a conspiracy to dethrone the monarch.

Navigating a maze of deceit in a foreign land, Annie meticulously gathers the pieces. And as London's grandeur unfurls, she's convinced she's closing in on the truth. But when her husband is struck by a mysterious illness, and an attempt on the Queen's life sends shockwaves through the empire, Annie faces a realization—she might be the prey in this deadly game.

Peccadillo at the Palace offers a mesmerizing blend of history and suspense, steering readers through treacherous twists and turns. Dive into the next gripping chapter of the Annie Oakley Mystery Series, where allegiances are uncertain and danger is a mere heartbeat away. Join the legendary sharpshooter in a race against time and treason!

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