Peccadillo at the Palace

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Historical Fiction Books Kari Bovee Indie Book AwardsIn the 2nd book in the Annie Oakley Mystery Series, Peccadillo at the Palace, Annie Oakley comes into her own as an amateur sleuth.

With a new lease on life and a new manager, her dashing Irish husband, Frank Butler, Annie Oakley and her beloved Buck the Wonder Horse rejoin the ever-popular Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Already renown for her performances with Buck in the United States, Annie receives a surprise invitation from Queen Victoria of England to attend her Golden Jubilee celebration.

During their long journey across the Atlantic, Annie’s escort, an attendant of the Queen, is murdered, and the killer leaves a cryptic note stating that Queen Victoria is next. Annie attempts to find the murderer and believes she is successful. But when they arrive in England and perform for Victoria, an assassination attempt is made on the Queen, and Annie realizes she’s condemned an innocent person. Fingers point to a disgruntled royal servant, but when an attempt is made on Frank’s life a week later, rumors abound about a militant Irish Gang in London.

With the help of socialite Lilly Langtry, the legendary Chief Yellow Shirt, and famous poet Oscar Wilde, Annie sets out to find the murderer who tried to take down her husband, and England’s longest reigning monarch.

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Peccadillo at the Palace (An Annie Oakley Mystery #2)

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