Innumerable Offenses – Partial

Montana Vista, New Mexico–Late 1929/Early 1930.

Pioneer horse whisperer (trainer) and ranch manager Meredith Allen cannot forgive herself for many things in her past—like competing for glory at a national horseshow instead of being at her dying mother’s bedside, and willingly participating in the demise of her best friend’s career. But when her professional rival, who is also her step-mother, is murdered, Meredith must prove her and her father’s innocence in order to fulfill her mother’s dying wish of keeping the horse farm (established in the 1700’s) in the family forever, and finally forgiving herself for her past indiscretions–as well as uncover a life altering truth her father has chosen to take to his grave.

Former investigative reporter and now magazine writer, Ken Walker is pulled into the family drama of the Allen’s when he arrives at their beautiful ranch to find the famed Olympic horse-trainer, Blanche Simon, dead in the barn. In New Mexico to write a story about the epic horse rescue of 15 race horses from the east coast that Meredith and her father have orchestrated, Ken discovers much more about the Allen family than he ever thought possible. When he and Meredith embark on a relationship, Meredith enlists his investigative know-how to help solve the murder and uncover the secret that threatens the farm. But, soon into their relationship it becomes clear that Ken’s motivation for coming to New Mexico is questionable and that he is in fact on the run from the notorious Al Capone under an assumed name.

Angela Simon Marken never had a relationship with her estranged sister Blanche. But when Blanche is found dead, Angela discovers that she is Blanche’s sole heir and has inherited 51% of a 40 acre horse ranch along the lush banks of the Rio Grande in New Mexico—a veritable gold mine—and the means to find a cure for her mute and “addle minded” daughter Sarah. Tainted by the murder of her sister, Angela and her husband Peter are determined to rid themselves of the unlucky but rich farm land. While preparations are made for Blanche’s funeral and the legal matters are being discussed, Sarah attaches herself to Meredith and continually sneaks away to be with the horses, much to her parents’ horror. Sarah’s condition is the result of witnessing a fatal accident that killed her twin. Highly protective of their only child and with a murderer on the loose, the Markens must sell and sell fast. But in a strange twist, it becomes clear that Sarah has a gift. A gift that could help Meredith find the murderer, and the eventually unite these two rival families.

Innumerable Offences is a historical mystery that delves into the deepest secrets of the Allen family, the Simon family and an erstwhile investigative reporter. The story embodies the theme of freedom through forgiveness, particularly self-forgiveness, and the idea that miracles are not as far fetched as we think.