Grace in the City

A Grace Michelle Mystery

She’s just lost them the roof over their heads. Can two young orphans survive NYC’s treacherous streets?

New York City, 1914. Grace Michelle is desperate for help. Left with only her sister after a train accident killed their parents, she barely makes ends meet by sewing clothes for a bordello madam. But when a dressmaker friend is found unconscious and Grace is caught holding the weapon, the two siblings are once again forced to fend for themselves.

Unwilling to let her older sister take dubious employment to keep them fed, the teenager vows to find the real culprit behind the violent robbery and clear their names. But when she uncovers a mob racket, shady card games, and massive debts, she quickly realizes that exposing dangerous secrets could land her at the bottom of the murky Hudson.

Can Grace prove her innocence and keep them both alive before she’s swimming with the fishes?

Grace in the City is the gripping prequel novella to the Grace Michelle Mystery historical series. If you like gritty origin stories, courageous sisterly love, and the triumphs of good over evil, then you’ll adore Kari Bovée’s suspenseful adventure.

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