Grace Michelle

Myrna Darby was the inspiration for Grace Michelle.
A fictional character who lives in the real world of the Ziegfeld Follies, 1920, and works as an aspiring costume designer. As a young girl, I spent many hours watching old black and white movies, including The Great Ziegfeld (date/director) which made a big impression. I loved all the glamorous costumes, extravagant sets, the comedy, dancing and singing. In college, I took theater classes and directed a one-act play for an independent study final. After college, I volunteered as a community theater stage director. Later in life, I met a woman whose mother had been a Ziegfeld Girl in the 1920s. The inspiration for a murder mystery series was born. Complete with a famous cast of characters, my protagonist Grace Michelle must rise above her introverted designer’s life to take the stage and solve the murder of her famous sister, the star of the show.