A Christmas Carol – Story or Social Protest? (Video)

By Kari Bovee | December 17, 2019

Review of the Week – 12/11/2019

By Kari Bovee | December 11, 2019

Jim Says: “A great light and fun read that will take you to the old West’s most noteworthy wild west show and meet its most famous historical figures. A whodunit mystery, Girl with a Gun doubles as historical fiction – the word fiction is emphasized. Not everything that happens in Kari Bovée’s debut novel actually […]

Review of the Week – 12/4/2019

By Kari Bovee | December 4, 2019

Tiffany Says: “I was introduced to Kari Boveé and Girl With a Gun, with interest to produce the 3 book series for streaming networks. This wonderful world of historical murder mystery fiction has been transposed into a well written pilot screenplay to be developed as a mini-series. There are no shortages of stories and the […]

Book Excerpts – Girl with a Gun –

By Kari Bovee | November 20, 2019

“Annie leaned back against the headboard. despite the pain relief powder, her entire body ached, and she wanted more than ever to curl into a tight ball and sleep away her problems. In a few short weeks, she’d left her home, become a famous sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, fallen in love with […]

Olive Thomas: Her high powered life and mysterious death

By Kari Bovee | September 21, 2019

After winning The Most Beautiful Girl in New York City contest in 1914, Olive Thomas’ life would change forever. Her win led her to become a popular artists and illustrators model and she appeared on numerous magazine covers including The Saturday Evening Post. Her beauty captured the eye of Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., and he hired her […]

Fanny Brice – Ziegfeld’s Funniest Lady

By Kari Bovee | July 24, 2019

Famous funny lady, Fanny Brice, was one of the many stars who got her start in the Ziegfeld Follies. Born with a gift for comedy, an excellent singing voice, and plenty of acting chops, Fanny Brice took the world by storm. From humble beginnings and a less-than enviable love life, Fanny rose to mega-stardom. She […]

Ziegfeld’s Girl – Actress Billie Burke

By Kari Bovee | July 15, 2019

Who was Glinda the Good Witch? Watch this video and learn about actress, Billie Burke who was forever immortalized as the enchanting witch, Glinda, in the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz. Married to the famous Broadway showman, Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., she had an amazing career of her own on stage and screen. Just tap […]

Book Trailer & Writer of the Week Interview

By Kari Bovee | June 20, 2019

Seven Fascinating Facts About Hawaii’s Last Royal Heir – Princess Ka’iulani

By Kari Bovee | May 25, 2019

Referred to as “The People’s Princess,” “The Tragic Princess,” “The Peacock Princess,” and “The Island Rose,” Princess Ka’iulani is one of Hawaii’s most beloved royal Princesses. Born in 1875,  this amazing young woman  lived her life with heart, passion, and a sense of duty to her native land. Unfortunately, her destiny to rule would be […]

Women in Show Business History – Fanny Brice, Funny lady

By Kari Bovee | March 31, 2019

Fanny Brice (sometimes spelled Fannie) was born on New York’s lower east side in 1891 as Fania Borach. She was the third child of Hungarian/Jewish saloon owners, but her interests were not in the family business. At fourteen years old, she made her stage debut during amateur night at Keeny’s Theater in Brooklyn. Shortly after, […]

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