Bathing Beauties 1919

By Kari Bovee | April 10, 2012

My current work in progress Saving Grace takes place in New York City and Santa Barbara, California in 1918-1919.  In the novel, I have a scene where Grace and famous broadway star Kiki Sands drink in the sun and share conversation at the pool. I had to research what they would  wear and and learned a lot about […]

Writer’s Weekend in the Woods

By Kari Bovee | April 7, 2012

 Last weekend I participated in a four day Master Immersion class in Deep Editing with Margie Lawson in Golden, Colorado.  Four of us converged on Margie’s home for four days of Deep Edits, Manuscript Analysis, Dramatic scene editing and empowered conversation about writing. Day One started at 4:30 pm when we all met at our log […]

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