Flash Briefing – New Mexico Ghost Stories: St. James Hotel Part II

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Welcome back to The Ghost Stories of New Mexico on Where History Meets Mystery. Today features the continuation of the ghosts who reportedly reside at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico.


According to an article on the Legends of America website, the second floor of the St. James is the most active with spirit and ghostly activity. The staff and guests of the hotel have told stories of the smell of cigar smoke lingering in the halls—strange because smoking is not allowed in the hotel. A former owner claims one night, she saw a cowboy in 1800’s dress standing behind her in the mirror on the front of the bar. The bar was closed.


One of the most notorious otherworldly guests at the hotel is the ghost of Thomas James Wright who bled to death from a gunshot wound in Room 18. Reportedly, Wright had just won the rights to the hotel in a poker game and as he made his way up to his room, someone shot him in the back. He continued to the room and died there, and apparently he hasn’t left.


One former owner said she often saw an orange light floating in the upper corner of the room and was once pushed down while cleaning the room.


Today, Room 18 remains locked, and people are rarely allowed to enter. If you are one of the lucky ones who can enter, you will find inside a bedframe with no mattress, a coat rack, a rocking chair and a bureau graced with a Jack Daniels bottle, basin and pitcher, chewing tobacco tin, and shot glasses sitting on top of it. And if you do visit the room, don’t stay long. Rumors abound about a number of mysterious deaths occurring in that same room before it was permanently inaccessible to guests.


Come back tomorrow to hear about two more mysterious spirits who supposedly haunt the St. James.


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