Review of the Week – 12/4/2019

Tiffany Says:

HIstorical Fiction Books sleuth award winning kari bovee

I was introduced to Kari Boveé and Girl With a Gun, with interest to produce the 3 book series for streaming networks. This wonderful world of historical murder mystery fiction has been transposed into a well written pilot screenplay to be developed as a mini-series.

There are no shortages of stories and the ways in which they can be told. When working through the lens of fiction the imagination has no limits. Sprinkle in historical persons of interest such as Annie Oakley and you have yourself an intriguing and informative read.

Kari Boveé has created a twist to the past by invoking the nostalgia that followed the Nancy Drew mystery books I grew up reading. Annie was the first American female superstar and I think it is time to revisit her rise to fame in a new and entertaining way. Bringing Annie to life in a fictional format has the power to engage a new audience that adds intrigue to dive further into the facts of her story.

As a reader, do not dive into this journey with the intent of striping away absolute documentary fact. Instead, cozy up on the couch with your hot cocoa and prepare to step back into the old west with some familiar characters as you work to discover “who done it?”

For those who adore the read and entertainment value of Girl With a Gun, you will be further entertained on screen once this creative work is put to motion picture.”

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Girl with a Gun (An Annie Oakley Mystery #1)

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